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Electrical Contractors Winnipeg

Electricity is inherently dangerous and improper wiring in your home or business can lead to short circuiting, at best, and create a fire danger, at worst. The importance of hiring a professional electrician with all of the proper training and licensing required cannot be stressed enough. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the best electrical service providers in Winnipeg, with the experience necessary to handle all your electrical needs.

We are a full service electrical company, with both residential and commercial experience. If you’re adding onto or renovating your home or business, we can get the job done quickly and to code. We can help bring your older building to code, replacing the old and outdated wiring and installing modern outlets. We can also improve the efficiency of the wiring and circuits in your home, removing the frustration of only being able to operate one or two large appliances at a time.

We’re also able to help with smaller electrical jobs, such as installing the wiring necessary for your new garbage disposal or recessed lighting, checking the circuits in your home, and doing repairs in the event of damage to your home due to fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

We feel strongly that one of the key components of great service is not being hit with any surprises which is why we offer flexible scheduling with straightforward pricing and a no-nonsense timeframe. Your satisfaction is one of our biggest concerns and we’ll keep you updated on the progress while we work in your home or commercial building.

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